Josh’s Web Tools

Simple web tools/hacks I made for myself.

These are just simple tools I’ve made for myself, so I don’t have to Google similar tools (which often have ads). As these are tools for myself, I don’t really guarantee uptime for anything. Also, many of these tools are under construction. I don’t guarantee stability, as I may improve them further.

A simple Base64 encoder/decoder in JavaScript.
A simple URL encoder (percent encoder) and decoder in JavaScript.
An (undocumented) tool for inputting Chinese characters using the Cangjie 5 input method. Lets me search for partial matches.
A tip calculator.
Time zone converter in JavaScript using a polyfill of the upcoming Temporal API.
Outputs the number of seconds since the Unix epoch.
Outputs the current UTC time in ISO 8601.
Outputs a random v4 UUID.
Outputs a random v7 UUID, which is a sortable UUID based on a timestamp. Note that UUIDv7 is not yet a standard, but see draft-ietf-uuidrev-rfc4122bis-11. Also, there are a few different ways to output a v7 UUID, and this is just one way I made for myself. Previously, this tool used an older draft of the proposal that separated the timestamp into separate 36 and 12 bit fields, instead of a single 48 bit field in the newer proposal.
Outputs either “heads” or “tails”, at random with equal probability.
Outputs a random roll of one or two dice, respectively.
Outputs a random Unicode playing card from a standard 52 card deck.
Captures a screencast as a WebM video using the MediaStream Recording and Screen Capture web APIs.
Convert a file to a data URI in your browser.
Get rectangular image cropping dimensions in your browser.
A simple textpad. Usually I just use this on my phone to save some text as a PDF or to print it.