/pr/ - Josh Mōller-Mara’s slides and presentations

(An index)

This is a manually-updated index of some my presentation decks that live under the /pr/ URL namespace.

Pages here are slide decks. These aren’t necessarily good or professional decks. Sometimes they were actually presented, other times they weren’t. Some of these slides don’t have proper accompanying text and don’t make sense on their own.

Many of these slides were made with reveal.js.

Have Emacs Teach You Chinese

A presentation I gave for an Emacs NYC meetup. The video for the presentation is here on YouTube, on ThoughtBot’s channel.

Neuroanatomy Practice Practical
A way to quiz myself for an NYU neuroanatomy class as part of my PhD studies. See also a plain list of neuroanatomy images.
Clustering and Anomaly Detection was a project I made for John Rinzel’s Neuronal Nets class.
An explanation of cross entropy and basic information theory.
A presentation about different types of clustering. Was supposed to be presented at a grad-student meetup called “SCAT” (now I can’t remember what it stands for, something about computing and technology).
Decision threshold modeling was a project for a graduate student class taught by Alex Reyes at NYU.

There are other presentations that are unlisted.