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IIRC, WebP uses VP8 to encode images (in lossy mode). I forget how it encodes in non-lossy mode.

The container of a WebP is a RIFF container (see WebP Container Specification). The MIME type is “image/webp”.

Converting to a WebP file

You can convert images fairly easily with FFmpeg.

ffmpeg -hide_banner -i $FILE -quality 80 -preset photo -compression 6 -y out.webp

You might use the -preset text or -preset picture for digital images.

ffmpeg -hide_banner -i $FILE -lossless 1 -compression 6 -y out.webp

The official converter I think is cwebp, but I don’t really use that.

Set XMP metadata

webpmux -set xmp metadata.xmp image.webp -o output.webp

I think this doesn’t inspect the contents of metadata.xmp at all, and just embeds it directly. You may want to gzip the file afterward, if only to compress the XMP metadata.

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