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A paid search engine

Kagi is a paid search engine. Unlike free (gratis) search engines, it’s not funded through advertisements. Thus, it can be argued that it has fewer conflicts of interest in providing users with quality search results.

I signed up for Kagi in December 2021. I’ve used it on and off for a while. I started actually paying for Kagi in March 2024.

The reason I started paying was that I became frustrated with SEO’d ad-ridden results on Google and even DuckDuckGo, without much ability to block annoying sites. (I have tried using uBlock Origin to apply custom CSS, but it’s a fragile approach that breaks when Google updates their CSS.)

Features include:

Antifeatures it excludes:

I like that you can also search the “small web” and have individuals’ websites appear.


Lenses are a way for you to control how search results are ordered. I think it’s similar to “goggles” in Brave Search (which I haven’t used, but I did read the whitepaper about them).

I haven’t made my own lenses yet.

Custom bangs

See custom bangs settings. I have some custom bangs set for:


Lets you rewrite urls. Like to (or even a libreddit or teddit instance, if those still work).

Here’s some redirect examples:

Miscellaneous tips