Contact Josh Moller‑Mara

Hey there! There are a few ways to contact me. Click on the name of a method to expand that section and get more details about it.

Main contact methods


Matrix is probably the best way to contact me for real-time communication.
It supports end-to-end encryption and lets you send text messages, photos, files, and group messages as well as video chat.

There are many Matrix clients for Android, iOS, and desktop. If you’re new to Matrix, I recommend checking out Element.


Note: My response time can be fairly slow, and I may forget to reply. I only check this email when I’m on my computer, I cannot check it through my phone.

You can encrypt messages to my PGP/GnuPG key, though it’s been years since someone has done this.


+1 (650) 887-5788

This is my main number for phone calls, SMS, and Signal.

Feel free to call this number. I’m fine getting phone calls*. I even made this number easy to remember: the local part of the number (8875788) is a palindrome.

If you want to send text messages, photos, or video chat, you can also use this number to contact me via Signal, an end-to-end encrypted messaging service.

SMS messages are discouraged. Even though I can receive SMS messages on this number, it’ll usually be a few hours before I see it, and for technical reasons my ability to reply via SMS is limited.

Note that I can’t receive MMS (i.e., photos or group messages) on this number at all. Use Signal if you want to send me a photo or group message, or better yet, use Matrix.

* Unless you’re a telemarketer.

Phone (toll‑free)

+1 (844) JOSHUA-M

This is my toll-free number. Yes, calling me on this number actually works (most of the time). However, only phone calls work. I can’t receive or send SMS or MMS messages on this number at all.

Calling this number from a payphone does not work. It used to, but payphone surcharges increased to 50¢, then $1.00, and eventually my provider stopped accepting payphone calls completely. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Other methods

I’m also on other places on the Internet, but please use one of the above methods first if you want to reach me.